Trees are beautiful natural features that add character to your property. But if you don’t keep up with tree maintenance, they can quickly become hazards. Keep your trees in good shape with tree trimming services from We’s is Trees in Gastonia, Lake Wylie, Mount Holly, NC. We’ll expertly trim your trees to make sure they look their best. Schedule tree trimming today, and let us take good care of your trees.

Why is regular tree trimming important?

Why is regular tree trimming important?

Many people don’t pay attention to their trees until they become an issue. But there are many reasons to stay current with tree maintenance. Regular tree pruning and trimming can:

  • Prevent issues with overgrown trees
  • Encourage healthy tree growth
  • Boost your home’s curb appeal with well-kept trees


Give your trees the attention they deserve—schedule tree trimming in Gastonia,NC. Call We’s is Trees today.




If you want a yard filled with beautiful trees, you need to keep up with tree maintenance. Contact We's Is Trees today to schedule tree trimming and pruning services in Gastonia & the surrounding NC areas.
Regular tree maintenance is important because it:

  • Helps your trees stay strong and healthy
  • Prevents severe tree damage during a storm
  • Keeps harmful pests away from trees



Help your trees stay in great shape—call (704) 913-1775 now to make an appointment for tree pruning or trimming in the Gastonia, Lake Wylie, Mount Holly, NC & the surrounding NC areas.